Ep 067 // What to Focus On if You Feel You've Fallen Short This Year

It's Thanksgiving week! To celebrate, this episode has got a Thanksgiving-themed twist to it, and I'll bet it's not what you think.

Lately, it seems I've been having a LOT of conversations with listeners & Fizzle members who express a general restless or unsettled feeling in their businesses right now. 

It's almost like they're itching to burn it all to the ground, re-brand, start over or quit something in order to feel a spark or some freshness again. 

Does that sound familiar to you right now? If I'm honest, I've felt it too. So today on the show, we're digging into this funk. 


It seems to me that most of us are SO focused on all the areas where we're falling short, all of the things we haven’t gotten done.

As the year 2017 draws to a close -- we’re coming up on the very last month of the year -- it’s easy to start beating ourselves up for all of the things that we didn’t finish this year and all of the promises that we couldn't keep.

In other words, all the ways that we fell short.

And so instead, because I know you’re gonna feel this way because *I* have felt this way, I want to ask you a question...


Article by Corbett: Do What Works