Ep 069 // 4 Steps to Plan Your Week in 15 Minutes (And Get it Done This Time)

In today's episode, I'm going talking about 4 steps to plan your entire week in 15 minutes. Yep, I'm for real -- 4 steps, 15 minutes, actually getting the good stuff DONE. 

So in my free guide, you'll see on the second page I describe this method as "the crockpot of productivity".

Here's why: I have tried every single solitary planning method under the SUN, guys. In fact, if you've listened to me on this show or over on the Fizzle Show for any amount of time, you have almost definitely heard me talk about my various affairs with planners and tools.

I've tried paper planners, digital planners, online tools like Trello and Asana, I've tried planning nothing at all, I've tried planning every single minute from sun up to sun down, I've tried the pomodoro method, rewards-based systems, and the list goes on and on.

Now, don't misunderstand me -- I have nothing against any of these tools, and in fact, I think most of them are very useful in their own ways.

So back to the crockpot analogy. With all the planning methods I've tried, I started to feel like I had a kitchen full of fancy cooking gadgets -- but whether or not dinner actually made it onto the table? That was another story completely.

The weekly planning method I'm about to teach you works because, like the crockpot, we're going to sit down for just 15 minutes and plan your week ONCE. It's going to be simple, yet effective -- it gets the job done, without 17 pots and pans that you just don't need.

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • The big reason your big & exciting projects are the first thing to slip off the priority list
  • An easy, stress-free approach to planning to avoid spinning your wheels 
  • Why this method is like the crockpot of productivity, and how you can "set & forget" your week
  • 4 steps to plan your week quickly & make real progress that drives results in your business 

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