Ep 070 // How to Know Exactly What to Do Next with Tonya Dalton

This week on the show, I'm totally nerding out on all things productivity with Tonya Dalton, Founder of Inkwell Press! 

Especially with the recent launch of my new free 15 minute planner method, it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of conversations around productivity -- in particular, with a heavy dose of intention. 

After all, checklists and to do lists are just tools. It's what we do with these tools, and why we're doing it in the first place, that makes it all come together. 

By all measures of "success", Tonya had "made it" with her first business. And yet, she found herself miserable. Can you even imagine that? How do you figure out what to do next when all you know is that something is missing?

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • The story of Tonya's first business, which she built from her dining room table with zero business experience 
  • What happened when Tonya realized it was time for something new... but she had no idea why, or what to work on next 
  • Why imbalance is actually a critical piece of finding success (and why we need to stop looking for "balance" all the time) 
  • What it actually means when you feel overwhelmed (and how to fix it) 
  • A real, tactical process for sitting down and discovering what you truly want to do next