Ep 071 // 7 Favorite Tools for Tapping into my Zone of Genius Every Day

Not long ago, I was in a major funk. But recently, without much effort at all I've turned it around, and some amazing results have come.

I'm laser focused now. Connected with you guys. Creating cool sh*t. Doubling my email list in one week. And I REALLY think it's because I'm more grounded. 

"More grounded" means I go through my day with more concentration and less stress / frazzled lady energy / overwhelm. 

I've been experimenting with adding 7 really special things into my day. 

In this episode, I take you deep into my favorite daily routine -- I'm talking exact tools, apps, favorite treats to get myself pumped up and more. 

If you keep hearing about "mindfulness", "meditation", "morning routines" or any combination of these, and you're equal parts annoyed & intrigued, this episode is for you.