Ep 072 // How to Love Your Life in 2018 (Encore with Catherine Rains)

Remember this gem of a lady? You might recognize her face from Episode 57! 


This episode was SO popular, I believe it's worth a second listen. 

Tune in to hear how Catherine Rains (@thehotelartist on Instagram) learned to STOP fighting against her life, and fall in love with it instead.

If you haven't ever heard it, stop everything and listen! 

And if it's your second time, give it your attention one more time and let Catherine's goodness wash over you on another level. 

In this episode, you'll hear: 

- How to stop fighting AGAINST your circumstances, and instead learn to work WITH them
- A few precise mantras to help you stop dwelling in "tomorrow", "what if", "if only" & "someday"
- How Catherine used this mindset shift to go from hating her job, to loving it so much she cried when her dream job came along
- How Catherine was able to believe that cancer & divorce were amazing gifts, even as they were happening to her