Ep 074 // Stop Overcomplicating & Simplify Your Business in 5 Steps with Ashley Gartland

This week I'm thrilled to welcome Ashley Gartland,  Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs & Simplification Extraordinaire!


 She’s on a mission to help women avoid the process of overcomplicating their businesses by teaching them how to simplify.

In this episode she shares how she transitioned from a career in food writing to coaching. You'll also find out how she discovered her “superpower” and figured out what it is that she can do well for people. 

In the Courage portion, you'll hear...

  • More about the ins & outs of Ashley's coaching biz
  • What it means to help people "simplify"
  • How she started as a food writer and built her first successful business
  • What it felt like to experience a nagging feeling of needing to do something more
  • How she discovered business coaching and made the pivot
  • What it was like to take on her first few clients
  • Embracing what she's really meant to do (due to tough feedback!)

And in Clarity, you'll hear:

  • 5 Steps to Simplifying Your Business
  • Step 1 - Do one thing at a time
  • Step 2 - Do a few things really well
  • Step 3 - Progress, not perfection
  • Step 4 - Delegate Daily
  • Step 5 - Say no to shiny objects


"Do less, better." - Ashley Gartland


Show Notes:

  • Fizzle, 5 weeks free! - fizzle.co/courage
  • Marie Forleo TV - https://www.marieforleo.com/marietv/
  • Ashley's Website - http://ashleymgartland.com/
  • 5 Step Guide to Simplifying your Business - https://www.ashleymgartland.com/simplify
  • Courage and Calirty Community - facebook.com/courageandclarity