Ep 075 // Grief, Growth & Keys to a Hyper-Engaged Facebook Group with Becky Mollenkamp

Today the show is as powerful as it is vulnerable and helpful ... strap in for a good one as my friend Becky Mollenkamp and I explore our winding journeys with grief and growth. 



If you listened to Episode 21 of the show, you already know a little about my rocky road with grief after the loss of my 24 year old brother in September 2016. 

Almost unbelievably to me, Becky has walked a path parallel to mine. In this episode, we're diving into the loss of her little brother, how she grew in her deep knowing of herself and discovered her superpower of building community in the process. 

Becky runs a tight-knit, vibrant & engaged Facebook group, so in the Clarity episode she's sharing 6 killer tips for creating community with authenticity & vulnerability. Her wisdom has definitely influenced how I run my own Facebook Group, so her tips are not to be missed. 

In the Courage portion, you'll hear:

  • More about Becky's business and how she makes a living
  • Her journey as a writer, challenges along the way & how she wound up working for herself 
  • What it takes to get paid to write
  • The shocking event that dragged her to rock bottom -- and how it turned her into who she is today 
  • More about the experience of losing a loved one, what it's like to lose yourself & find your way back after changing everything
  • Moving in with her mom at 36 years old, repairing her spirit & learning to leverage vulnerability to discover her superpower

And in the Clarity half, we're talkin':

Tips and Strategies for Facebook groups -- 

  1. Giving permission to participate
  2. Tweaking questions to enter the group
  3. How Becky has leveraged capping membership to create a feeling of intimacy
  4. Becky's community leading secret sauce: being vulnerable
  5. Personally welcoming each new member
  6. Modeling good, authentic behavior

"Get comfortable with being vulnerable. Every time I allow myself to feel the feelings, get the feelings out, magic seems to happen." - Becky Mollenkamp


Links/Resources Mentioned: