Ep 76 // 9 Big Lessons Learned in One Year of Podcasting

It’s been a year since I started podcasting and here we are, already on our 76th episode! In this episode I'm on the mic solo, sharing the exact evolution of my workflow & processes over time. I'm also revealing one of my grand plans for the next few weeks.


If you're running a podcast, planning to get into podcasting, or honestly creating content of any kind, this is definitely going to be a great episode for you. 

Nine big things that I've learned in my first year of podcasting:

  • First lesson: Sponsorship is not all it’s cracked up to be / sponsorship is not everything
  • Second lesson: Know when to hand it off
  • Third lesson: The power of batching content
  • Fourth lesson: Having a mix of guest interviews and solo shows
  • Fifth lesson: Creating community
  • Sixth lesson: Making an outline and making it powerful
  • Seventh lesson: Giving away the farm
  • Eighth lesson: Making people feel special
  • Ninth lesson: Not being afraid to grow
  • Bonus lesson: Keeping it simple

"When you get a great idea, you share, you build, and you use it to create a community."
"Don't be afraid to grow."