Ep 077 // 3 Ways to Grow Your Business with YouTube (with Trena Little)

In this episode I'm hanging with Trena Little, a YouTube Coach and creator of amazingly helpful YouTube channel, Tips with Trena! 



In her channel, you’ll find straight-to-the-point tutorials for entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of video -- WITHOUT spending a ton of time & money.

In today’s show, she's sharing brutally honest mistakes from her first couple years in business, how she tweaked to find success, and super concrete tips for leveraging YouTube -- even if you're a TOTAL newbie! 

In the Courage portion, you'll hear: 

  • All about Trena's business & how she earns her living 
  • Why we should all care about using video in our businesses 
  • How she started, quit her job & built a course 
  • The tricky path to finding the right people & pain point
  • Launching to crickets -- and how she switched it up to actually get clients 

And in the Clarity half, we get into: 

  • How YouTube content helps viewers find you via search 
  • How video content shortens the "know, like and trust" curve 
  • Exactly how to use a YouTube video to create a month's worth of content 
  • How regular people can make good videos without fancy equipment or paying for editing 

"You won't get better if you don't start practicing and testing and seeing what's working. You just gotta do it. If you hold on to perfect, you're never gonna get anything out there."

"When it comes to YouTube, let your freak flag fly."

Show Notes