Jacq Fisch: 5 Steps to Side Hustle Without Wrecking Yourself, Even with a Family & Job (ep 78)

Meet Jacqueline Fisch, copywriter, editor, author and fellow Chicagoan! 

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Jacq is a member of the Courage and Clarity community and a listener of the show, and it feels like a special treat to dive deep with a member of our tribe.

In this episode, you’ll discover the crazy twist that prompted her to go full steam ahead with her writing business despite being a wife, mother to 2 kids, and full-time employee for 13 years.

Then, in the Clarity half, she's sharing 5 concrete steps to growing a hustle -- WITHOUT hating yourself and making your family crazy in the process. 

First up in the Courage half, you'll hear: 

  • All about Jacq's business and how she earns her living
  • What it was like to get laid off THREE times in 5 years (two of those times was the same company!)
  • Huge lessons she learned after being laid off and these have shaped her work today

Then in Clarity, we're diving into: 

  • How time tracking can add firepower to your productivity
  • Exactly how to set up boundaries
  • What to do with the extra money you make from your new side hustle 
  • The importance of talking about your big dream and telling lots of people
  • How to find gratitude, even when it feels crazy


"People buy the transformation, they don't really buy the buzz words."
"Hours don't lie."
"Don't put a ton of effort into things that aren't important." -Tim Ferriss
"Get the good stuff done so you can get out and do what you want to do."

Show notes: 

  • Jacq's Blog Post
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