Behind the Scenes of a Successful & Profitable 5 Day Challenge (Ep 79)

How do you quadruple an email list in 30 days, attract nearly 1,000 challenge participants, and launch a course with 250 participants?

After tons of trial and error last year, 2018 got off to a fast start for me. And today, I'm seriously stoked so spill ALL the details. 

Ready to go behind the scenes with me?!


In this solocast episode you're getting a backstage pass, including: 

  • My process for creating a new opt-in lead magnet that quadrupled my list in 30 days
  • How I decided to host the Most Productive Week Ever 5 Day Challenge, and my favorite free resource for learning how 
  • How I got nearly 1,000 people to participate (<-- wildest dreams over here!)
  • Exactly what I did on each day of the challenge -- mini-lessons, email series & going live
  • Leveraging the challenge audience to create a funnel for my Goals That Stick course 
  • Facts, figures, numbers, results -- all the things we nosy business nerds want to hear! 

Show notes: 

  • Fizzle, get 5 weeks free -
  • Goals That Stick course at Fizzle -
  • WebinarJam -
  • Fizzle Course Library -
  • The RobCast -
  • The 15 Minute Planner Method
  • The Courage & Clarity Community on Facebook
  • How to Prepare, Plan, and Execute a Profitable 5-day Challenge -
  • ConvertKit -
  • Most Productive Week Ever 5 day challenge — Courage and Clarity
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