Erin Kelly: 3 Fun & Easy Ways to Boost Engagement & Identify Hot Leads (Ep 80)

This week on the show I'm welcoming Erin Kelly, Co-Founder of MemberVault!


Erin spills all the beans about MemberVault, an amazing software that helps entrepreneurs deliver and sell content. Even better, the platform makes courses more fun to complete by making it feel like more of a game, complete with badges and opportunity to unlock new content. 

Not only is Erin a savvy Co-Founder, but she runs the company with her husband from an RV with a toddler in the mix!

In the Courage episode, she shares her path to Membervault and what it's like to truly live as a digital nomad.  

Then, in the Clarity part, she dishes up 3 awesome, fun, easy and simple ways to boost engagement and identify your hottest leads. 

In the Courage episode you'll hear: 

  • Erin's background as an Online Business Management (OBM), what it's like to run an OBM business, and how it differs from a VA business
  • Dealing with resistance and learning to take steps when you're stuck 
  • All about MemberVault -- what it is, and how she and her husband started it
  • A peek into the life of a digital nomad -- the pros, cons, and how to make aligned decisions like deciding to stop traveling full-time 

And in the Clarity portion, you'll hear: 

  • 3 awesome, fun, easy and simply ways to boost engagement and identify your hottest leads 
  • How personalized content works, and some suggestions for incorporating it into your business
  • What it means to "gamify", and why this is the hot content trend we all need to know about 
  • The importance of tracking potential customer behavior, identifying easy opportunities to convert them into paid members