4 Guidelines for Building an Audience When You're a Total Nobody Online with Harriet Morris (Ep 83)

So you want to start a podcast, blog or YouTube channel, but there's just one problem... 

You're starting from absolute scratch, and NO ONE knows you online. How are you supposed to get people to actually listen, read or watch?!

This week on the show I've got Harriet Morris. In addition to having a lovely accent that you could listen to all day long, she's here to tell you how she went from nobody, to 40,000 podcast downloads in a few short months with ZERO marketing. 

I've gotten to know Harriet over the years a member of Fizzle, and I've loved her progression. She describes herself as "the eating coach" and she's got a podcast called The Eating Coach Podcast.

She empowers her clients to achieve a 95% drop in binge eating without feeling deprived or bad about themselves, and she helped her clients make sugar addiction a thing of the past. 

Harriet shares her journey and how her lessons from intuitive eating actually apply to business (which is totally fascinating!)

Then, we'll get into the four guidelines for creating a podcast or any kind of content online when you're an absolute nobody.

In the Courage half, you'll hear:


  • Harriet's business, how she earns her living & how she became the eating coach
  • The lessons from food we can all relate to life & business 
  • How she's learned that detachment from results actually creates results  

And then in the Clarity portion, we get into: 

Four guidelines for creating a successful podcast (or content of any kind!) even when no one knows who you are, including: 

1. Serving your own needs by serving your audience
2. Deciding if you are a content creator or a content curator 
3. Making it easy for listeners to consume your show
4. The key to to epic content: real connection

"You don't need to be better to be anyone else, you just need to be different." -Sally Hogshead