4 Steps to Turn Your Passion into Profit with Cathy Heller (ep 85)

Believe me when I say that every single time I welcome a guest onto the show, I feel thrilled. But there's just something about today's guest, my new friend (& soul sister?) Cathy Heller, that created an oh so special conversation here.... and I just know you will love it. 

Cathy is the host of "Don't Keep Your Day Job", a podcast that's topped the iTunes charts (we're talking "right up there with Oprah" status). She's had guests like Jenna Fischer from The Office, Seth Godin and ... me!

In addition to running a podcast that rocks, Cathy is a successful singer who writes music for television & movies. We talk about how she moved to LA with a dream of "making it big", American Idol, rubbing elbows with movie stars, receiving checks in the mail and looking up at the sky like "is this real?" You gotta hear it all from Cathy. 

Now that she's built a successful business in which she teaches others about music licensing, she's now working on a new course designed to help people turn their passions into profits. And that's exactly what she's teaching us in the clarity episode! 

"You can beat on the door as hard as you possibly can. But if it is not your door, it is not going to open."