3 Exercises for Instant Brand Clarity with Kaye Putnam (ep 87)

"What the heck should my brand look and feel like? What sets me apart? How do I show up in a sea of noise?"

These are questions I hear a lot, and this week on the show Kaye Putnam is here to help us out in a major way.


Kaye is a psychology-driven brand strategist for entrepreneurs. She helps business builders create drool-worthy brands that really underscore a core message. And bonus, she's got awesome free content on unlocking your brand advantage!

In the courage part of the episode, Kaye shares her awkward start to online business and how trying to be "like everyone else" got her nowhere fast. 

Then in the the clarity part, she shares three exercises that all of us can dive into to uncover brand clarity. We're talking about attracting ideal clients and the importance of repeling bad fit ones.

In the Courage part, you'll hear: 

  • Kaye's business and how she earns her living
  • What she does on a daily basis when working with clients
  • Her story and how she got to where she is right now
  • How psychology fits in her business
  • The story behind the awkward start of her online business
  • How she reconciles all of the advice she gets from people
  • Developing her own tool to identify brand archetypes for herself & her audience

And then in Clarity, we're talking:

Three exercises to achieve brand clarity...
1. Identifying your primary and secondary archetype
2. ”I believe" exercise
3. ”Flip the script" exercise