Learn to Communicate What You Do with Adria DeCorte (ep 88)

Ever find yourself at a cocktail party, mingling with some new people and you're waiting for it... the dreaded question... you know it's coming, and yet you already know you'll clam up when it does:

"So, what do you do?"

Yep, me too. And if you've ever felt yourself tripping over how to explain your work & your vision, especially to ideal customers, you'll love today's episode with business clarity coach, TEDx speaker and fellow podcaster, Adria DeCorte.


In the Courage half, you'll hear: 

  • Adria's business and how she earns her living

  • The moment she attended a live event and got zero clients, even when fellow speakers were booking up

  • How this "a-ha!" moment prompted her to get clear on her core message so she could attract people she truly wanted to serve 

Then in the Clarity part, we're talkin':

  • What she learned when she had an event and had zero clients
  • A duplicatable method Adria uses to communicate what she really does
  • Exactly how to get clear on what the heck you even do
  • How "what you do" translates into the way you speak to potential clients