3 Easy but Awesome Tips for Getting More Done in Less Time with Elle Drouin (ep 89)

How does Elle Drouin manage to run THREE profitable businesses, and only work 3 weeks each month?! 

In addition to being so down to earth, savvy and fun to talk to, Elle runs 3 businesses out of her home in New York City.

First, she helps lifestyle and beauty brand with custom products styling and brand photography. She also runs the Styled Stock Society, and her third business (and probably the cutest) is tied to her Insta-famous pup, @mochiandthecity.

In addition to giving us a peek into her businesses and lifestyle, Elle shares her three tips to maximize productivity—so you can spend less time working and more time living.

In the Courage half, you'll hear: 

  • Elle's businesses and how she earns her living
  • Her journey to professional photography (hint: she didn't start out this way!)
  • Exactly how she leveraged her email list to pre-validate the Styled Stock Society 
  • Her advice to people who struggle when it comes to trusting the process
  • How she balances her businesses, her clients and her own self-care

And then in the Clarity part, you'll hear: 

Three tips to maximize productivity (aka, how Elle only works 3 weeks a month even though she's got her hands in so many different pots!)
1. Creating systems
2. Embracing automation
3. Batching your tasks
Bonus tip - Outsourcing