What Two Seasoned Entrepreneurs Wish They Knew When They Started (ep 90, Business Wisdom Series)

Can I get a drumroll please?! Today we're kicking off the Business Wisdom Series -- a collection of episodes featuring YOUR real business questions (with actual voices to go along with it)! And instead of tackling this by myself, I had to invite one of my business BFFs to the party ... 


It's Megan Hale! Megan is a dear friend of mine and fellow member of my beloved Mastermind Group. Plus, she's been on Courage & Clarity two times already! 

The conversations I have in private with Megan are so full of business breakthrough moments, she felt like the perfect person to bring on as a co-host as we lead up to Episode 100 of C&C. 

Today, our first question comes from Helen. You'll get to hear her lovely British accent when she asks the question in the episode!

In this episode, you'll hear: 

  • Listener's question - "What is that one thing that you would definitely do in building your business if you can go back and start again?"
  • Traditional brick-and-mortar business versus online business
  • Megan's biggest "back in the day" struggle: trying to fit in other people’s pre-defined boxes, and how she learned to unsubscribe from stuff that stressed her out
  • Steph's big tips: The value of an "apprentice role", Learning to take up space, and paying yourself!
"So much self-doubt and fear is governed by uncertainty. And if you were to take away uncertainty, I really think that you would take away the sacredness of things.”