How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers (Business Wisdom Series, ep 91)

So we've all heard about the importance of growing an audience and that sounds all well and good, but... how in the world do you get actual people to start paying attention to you when you're starting from scratch? 

Welcome to the second episode of our Business Wisdom Series, where my friend Megan Hale and I answer questions from amazing C&C listeners!

In this episode, we're breaking down an excellent question we got from Karen: How do you get your FIRST 100 subscribers / followers / people other than your mom and boyfriend?

We're talking about different ways you can engage and connect with people to help your business grow, and four big troubleshooting questions you can ask yourself if you're struggling to find some traction. 

Karen's Question

What are the steps to take to attract the first 100 email subscribers without getting frustrated and overwhelmed? How do you start marketing on Instagram without begging for followers and likes?