Why You're Stuck: Questions & Exercises to Actually Move Forward (Ep 93, Business Wisdom Series)

Ladies and gentlemen, a question Megan Hale & Steph Crowder have NEVER gotten before! 


Penny asks, "How important is it to figure out why I'm stuck? I know I'm stuck, and I know I want to get unstuck. How much time and energy do you spend finding out why you're stuck rather than just looking for ways to get unstuck?"

In this Business Wisdom Series episode (#4!), we're tearing into this whole "stuck" thing, teaching you to flip it, detach from it and not let it control you. And in the clarity part of the conversation, we're diving into practical tips and mantras to truly move past that stuck feeling.

Megan's Tips

1. Realize that *stuck* doesn't mean *all* of you is stuck
2. I know what I need to know when I need to know it
3. Movement, how to focus on it, and how to walk alongside stuckness vs. stewing over it

Steph's Tips

1. Don't look away from the scary image. I want you to write down, "What is the worst case scenario?"
2. Learn when to stop thinking and start acting
3. Trust "Future You"
4. I make the best decisions I can with the information I have at the time