A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting the Word Out About Your Product (Business Wisdom Series, Ep 96)

If you want to create a strong push for getting the word out, where would you focus your energy?

This week's question comes from Marianne and in order to answer it we're digging into the two pillars of business building: audience, and product. 


We're defining the "lie of productivity", examining the difference between working ON your business versus working IN your business, and sustainable vs. unsustainable growth. 

Megan's all about doubling down on the people she's already got, and Steph's instinct is to expand outward. Both strategies are necessary, so with our powers combined we're giving you a roadmap to building buzz and keeping the audience ball rolling while you're simultaneously building a product. 

This is a juicy, tactical tip conversation, and as listener Marianne warns, "Don't Bizdom & Drive -- you'll want to write everything down!"