Elements of a Successful Pre-Launch (Without Trying Very Hard) Ep 99, Business Wisdom Series

What if selling courses and products could be inspired by the communities you serve and actually feel good?

In the final (for now!) episode of the Business Wisdom Series, our one and only Megan Hale asks Steph a question that entrepreneurs often wonder.

When someone else’s business looks effortless and fun, is that the whole story or is there more to it than that?


In this podcast you’ll get a behind the scenes glimpse at Steph’s successful pre-launch and how she follows her intuition to make decisions in her business that feel good and get results.

You’ll also have proof that even the most successful business owners have to move past their own fears to get their best work out into the world.

This conversation will have you thinking differently about the smallest interactions you have with your community and is full of Bizdom ah-ha moments!

Questions Steph asks herself when making decisions for her business:

  • If I were in the audience how would I want to feel?

  • What would I like to learn and how would I like to learn it?

  • If I put my work out there, what’s the worst thing that can happen?