How to Grow When No One is Paying Attention to You (Business Wisdom, ep 103)

In this episode, Steph and Megan are back to answer a listener question from Courage and Clarity Community member Vicki.  Vicki has started her own podcast, and after feeling gutted from her low early listener counts she asks:

“How are her people ever going to find her?


We know there are a lot of new entrepreneurs out there thinking the same thing as Vicki.  So, how do you keep going while you’re kind of talking to nobody?

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The # 1 predictor of success that all entrepreneurs have in common
  • Why you need to build a business that you love right now, not only when you have the audience you dream of
  • How to be OK with it taking a while (because it most likely will)
  • The upside of not having a large audience while you’re just getting started

We finish with a Bizdom style blend of mindset advice for when you’re feeling bummed about your small or non-existent audience and three practical strategies that anyone can use to get more people in front of their content.

And as always, Steph is here to remind everyone to have fun with their business and to ask themselves “what would this look like if it was easy?”

We loved answering Vicki’s question and just know that you’ll take away something for your own journey.