How to (Finally) Implement Your Big Ideas & Plans

How much impact could you make on your business in 90 days?

On today’s episode I share how planning in 90 day increments is a sweet spot that can help you see your biggest results.

Think about it - 90 days is long enough to make a huge impact but it’s not so big that you’re overwhelmed and get frozen. 

I hear time and time again that making an amazing plan isn’t the tough part - it’s actually sticking to the plan!

Why is it so hard to get things done?  We rarely include details in our planning on how we’ll stay accountable. It’s totally normal to know what you need to do, but doing it and making progress is totally different

In this episode you’ll hear how my 90 Day Planner Intensive will help a cohort of brave business owners have an incredibly productive three months.

I challenge every listener to try something different, to get out there and stop trying to go this path alone!

Show Notes