Earn an independent living doing something you love

The inspiration to believe your dream is possible. The instruction you need to actually make it happen.

I'm Steph Crowder, wine lover, overly enthusastic dancer & host of the Courage & Clarity podcast.

I'm Steph Crowder, wine lover, overly enthusastic dancer & host of the Courage & Clarity podcast.

You’re here because you’re hungry for meaningful work in your life. You know — the real, honest-to-goodness, kick ass work that you’re not even sure is possible.

The kind of work that keeps you awake at night because the inspiration just keeps coming. The kind of work that is so you, it doesn’t even feel like work — it feels like you’re simply showing up and doing your thing.

With a clear vision and a well-defined process, you CAN have meaningful work in your life. You can do this. And you don’t have to do it alone.

The 15 Minute Weekly Planner

Stop wondering what to work on this week & start making real progress towards your dreams. Plan your entire work week once, and actually get meaningful stuff done this time!

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I've tried every planning method under the sun. Turns out, we need a simple, effective, guided yet flexible system for getting stuff done. Grab this guide and supercharge your productivity without breaking your neck trying to get it all done. 

  • 4 quick steps to plan your week once

  • Equal parts structure + flexibility

  • Learn how to make time for the most exciting projects

  • Unlock the secret to working on those things that keep sliding off your list

  • What to do when things go off course

  • Real photos of my process in action!

BTW, Have We Met? 

You know that feeling people often describe as a "lightbulb moment"? That "A-HA!" feeling when everything just kinda makes sense? 

That's my jam. 

Hi, I'm Steph Crowder, and when it comes to laying out your days, weeks & overall business plan, I'll help you identify exactly what to work on, when. 

I'm a podcast host & business coach. Strategy is my superpower, selling by storytelling is my love language. 

I've coached thousands of entrepreneurs at every stage of business building over at Fizzle.co, a hub for courses + community for creatives, freelancers & entrepreneurs.

I live in Louisville, KY where you can find me chowing down on tacos with my husband, chasing my toddler & really aggressively dancing whenever possible.